New Projects

SaberForge Guardian

This saber from SaberForge is a close replica of Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber from Episode I. Since this saber is from SaberForge parts of it are Chrome plated. This hilt has a switch on the front and back so I will have to use them both for main and auxiliary switches. I will also add a red knurled knob to make it almost identical to the one from the film. I will be using the new CFX board and Neopixel blade with this build. This won’t happen until later down the road as I am waiting for my hilt to ship.

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SaberForge Pathfinder

Recently I bought a few items from various retailers to build a Neopixel and Proffieboard saber. I decided to select the saberforge Pathfinder which is a close replica of a saber used in the Clone Wars and Prequel Trilogy. I wanted a nice saber with a simple look to it and that saber stuck out to me. Recently SaberForge started chrome plating most of their saber designs and I must say after getting my hands on it the chrome is definitely a welcome change to their traditional style of brushed silver. The only drawback is that this chrome pick up finger prints easily but that’s nothing a microfiber cloth won’t fix. I am very excited for this build and can’t wait to show you the completed product.

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