Handmade wizard wands

Handmade wizard wands

Some people think that making prop from scratch is difficult or very time consuming. My opinion is that it give you room to be as creative as you want. Take the wands from the Harry Potter franchise, they come in many different shapes and sizes and no two wands are alike. Above on the left I have a pre-made wand Purchased from Wal-Mart and on the right is a custom wand I hand carved. This post will hopefully give you a taste of what I go through when prop making. this isn’t a tutorial just an explanation of how I made my wand.

I started with this.

Working with wood all my life I know my way around many different tools but it you don’t that’s alright. all you really need is a dowel rod, a carving knife, a belt sander and a little creativity. Starting with the rod and knife cut the rod down to roughly twelve inches and then use your knife to carve the wand. If you don’t want to use a knife you can use a belt sander by simply applying pressure and rotating your dowel rod to thin out the top of your wand. When it comes to the handle you can use to sander to take out small or large sections or even burn a unique design into the handle. The handle is really where your creativity shines. Then when it come to the wand’s color I used an ebony stain and the sanded it almost all off to give the wand a weathered appearance and then I stained the wand rod with red oak and the handle with dark oak, as Harry’s was three different colors, however I settled with two. Below is a before and after of the wand I created. As you can see making a prop doesn’t have to be a crazy custom ordered item from the internet, it can be something you make and feel great about. I encourage every who read this post to go ahead and make you own custom Harry Potter wands and show every on this post what you’ve created and how you created it. I hope this post has inspired all reader to be creative.

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